Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Author Interview: Allie Mae

Today, we're hosting a writer from our online writing group, the Just-Us League! Allie Mae is one of many authors releasing a new fairy tale anthology, Fractured Ever After, full of fun fractured fairy tales.

Allie, welcome to the A4A blog! We can’t wait to hear about your part of Fractured Ever After. Tell me, what inspired you to write On the Wrong Foot?

I had so many ideas for fairy tales I wanted to fracture, but none of them seemed right when I sat down to work on them. So I went to my collection of fairy tales to get some inspiration, and as I was reading (I think it was “The Fisherman and his Wife”) I had this idea for a character in denial of reality. I applied the idea to a handful of fairy tales, and eventually settled on Cinderella because it is so well-known, and my idea relies heavily on the reader having knowledge of the tale.

Cinderella is definitely a well-known fairy tale! I can’t wait to see your twist. Who is your favorite character?

Definitely Charming! He was the best to write. His version of reality is so entertaining, and I loved putting it on the page.

Ooh, interesting! Was it fun making the prince a romantic instead of the Cinderella character? 

Absolutely! With Cinderella as a much more grounded character, I think it twists the fairy tale nicely. And with Charming’s unique personality, I could be as creative and ridiculous as I wanted! The contrast between the two is hysterical.

Sounds like a match! Now tell me, how did you decide on a setting? Is it based off of anywhere you’ve been in real life?

It’s a stereotypical fairy tale kingdom. Small and basic. I wanted it to be anywhere. The kingdom is literally named “Donia” so it would be generic.

I like having the setting basic so the characters really shine! But let’s move on—can you share some of your favorite authors?  

Shannon Hale, Rick Riordan, Brandon Mull, Jessica Day George… The list goes on and on!

I love most of them too! And before we go, what can we expect next from you?

Well, I’m currently in the process of querying my young adult fantasy novel, and while I’ve gotten a few rejections, I’m still waiting to hear back from some publishers. And I’m working on another short story that’s already under contract. Shh! It’s a secret!

Fractured Ever After: On the Wrong Foot 

By Allie Mae

What if the story of Cinderella was made up to cover the ridiculousness of the real history? When Prince Charlemagne, self-named Charming, forces the girl of his dreams out of the ball and keeps only her shoe as a clue, he realizes that creating a lasting love story isn’t as easy as it sounds.

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