Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Open Submission Call

Renee Frey, CMO Authors 4 Authors Publishing

It’s been a long time coming, but here at Authors 4 Authors, we are OPEN for business—the business of publishing! What started as a crazy idea within a group of authors on Scribophile is now a reality: an independent publishing company owned by authors with the goal of putting writers and authors FIRST in the publishing journey.

As authors, there are a few things that we didn’t like about the current publishing industry:
The Query Process
The more we learned about traditional publishing, the more ridiculous the whole scenario felt. You get an idea, work your butt off writing, revising, editing, proofing, and finessing the idea. You then send a...wait for it...letter? To an agent? Who may or may not read anything beyond that letter?

For the lucky few who get an agent to read part of your novel--congrats! But then the agent has to choose your book. And while they are reading it, don’t even think of sending it somewhere else! After rejections, some of which are form letters that automatically populate your name, you might, after months, finally get one agent who then TRIES to sell your book.

That’s right, folks. No guarantee of a book deal yet. And IF a publisher picks up your book, you’re given an advance you have to earn back before you can earn a paltry 10% of the sales price in royalties. Um, no thank you.

Independent Publishing

As authors on a critiquing website, we know quite a few independent publishers. We think they’re awesome!’s a LOT of work. And you have to pay for everything yourself up front. By the time you pay an editor or proofreader, a cover artist, purchase the ISBNs, format the manuscript, it costs hundreds of dollars.

Also, as a one person operation, you pay premium price for EVERYTHING. You don’t have an established author to send interest your way by featuring your work in their back matter, or accompanying you on a book tour. It really is a full time job--and most independent writers don’t make enough with their writing to actually make it their full time job. In fact, most of them are lucky if their sales can earn back their production costs.

A Better Way

The goal here is to offer a better way of doing business that combines the best parts of both industries in a way that keeps authors FIRST. More on that next week!

Post on our Facebook page—what do you hate about traditional publishing? Or independent publishing? What do you wish could be different?

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