Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Author Interview: Diane Anthony

Diane, thanks for chatting with us today! Let’s jump right in, shall we?
Book one ended on a major cliffhanger (as does book two!). Has this upset any of your readers? 
Definitely! I’m sorry yet, I’m not. I believe it has left people wondering what’s going on and they will likely want to read my second book. As you mentioned, the second book lands on a cliffhanger as well. I guess cliffhangers are just what I do.
They’re certainly very effective. Every time I think about the next book, I usually start making “gimmie” hands. So now that we’re into book two, was your process for writing the second book different than the first?
I felt more pressure to finish this one in a timely manner. Especially when your readers are asking when the second book comes out because they’re unhappy with where you left off on the first one.  
I also had a hard time remembering all the little details of the first book and had to go back and review to make things consistent. I joke with my husband that I have ‘entertainment amnesia.’ I have a hard time remembering a tv show or movie that I’ve only seen once or twice. Meanwhile, he has total recall. I had to look at the first book way more than I should have, since I’m the one that wrote it, but I think I got it!
That’s understandable—once your work is out there in the world with the promise of another work, you’ve got an intense urge to get it out there for the readers. What are you most looking forward to the readers getting to in The Remnant? (Without spoilers, of course.) 
Some more in-depth understanding of mental health issues. I added a few more into the second book than the first one had. I feel like it’s important to show the different struggles that people have that are internal. It’s easy to look at someone who has a broken arm, or a stitched up cut and feel sympathy for them, but when someone says they’re going through depression, not everyone can relate to it or understand it. I’m hoping my books can showcase the struggles people with mental health issues deal with and by doing so, help people be more understanding and empathetic. 
I think it’s a very important thing to have in books. Mental health affects more people than you’d expect, and it’s nice to have it talked about in a manner that isn’t in degrading. Has your favorite character changed from book one to book two now that we have a larger cast?
Nope. I still love writing Cindy. I’m not sure if anyone picked up in the first book that Cindy is an adult personality inside of a twelve year old (Joselyn). yet she acts more childish than Joselyn does. I just love how dynamic her character is. 
She’s certainly an interesting character. Let’s switch gears a little: the stakes are much higher in book two. Do you think David and Olivia knew what they were getting themselves into—or regret that they did?
No, on both accounts. I don’t think they had a plan other than to get out of the city, and from then on it’s been a wild ride. They are much happier to have their Rare abilities and near perfect health. Sure, I think they have their moments of longing for the comforts of home, but they know what going back would mean for their health, wellbeing, and freedom. 
That’s pretty admirable for ones so young. One last question: what can we expect next from you?
The last installment of The Rare trilogy will be coming out in 2022. I have the first draft written, and I’m so excited to get to work shaping it into an amazing ending. It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to your characters, especially ones you’ve poured so much of yourself into writing, but all good things must come to an end. 
Thanks again for chatting with us. Readers, don’t forget to join us this Saturday, October 17th for the launch party to support Diane and a chance to win a free paperback copy of her second book!
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The Remnant
by Diane Anthony
Now that Olivia and David have discovered that their life in the city was a lie, their pursuit of the truth gives them a newfound purpose. Is there more to their Rare abilities than what they’ve discovered so far? Is there something about them that the government is trying to keep hidden?
Taken captive and tortured by her oppressors, Olivia narrowly escapes with help from an unexpected source. She rejoins what’s left of her new friends, only to find their home destroyed and coalition forces closing in to finish them off.
Running for their lives, they set out on a desperate quest to find the Haven, a mysterious city that is rumored to be harboring and protecting Rares. This journey will take them deep into the wilderness and bring them to the edges of another coalition stronghold before they find their way.
But the danger in front of them is rivaled only by the danger closing in behind them, and Olivia’s new abilities will be put to the test. As they discover more secrets, the ones they bring with them may be the most important of all.

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